The Kitchen Browser is an affordable online configurator designed to help dealers seduce, capture and inspire customers on their website. It permits to see quickly how a kitchen looks combining different elements and finishes and to help the user pick his/her ideal kitchen.


Pricing Plan

$29.95/ mo

  • 3 months FREE
  • Pay for 9 and get 12 months instead.
  • Versatile room situations
  • Customer Management

Our Skills

  • Gallery ( Versatile room situations )
  • Filters ( Pre-selected filters )
  • See a Resume and Save your Project
  • Modify Corporate Design: logo, link, colors and styles
  • Custom materials
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Customer Management: End Customer Address Information
  • Google Analytics Statistics



The configurator enables users to get inspired by taking advantage of a limitless interactivity. It allows customers to combine different models, colors, textures, appliances, accessories.

For us, it is important that the customer’s journey begins with inspiration, ideas, and dreams. Our customers can now imagine and design the kitchens of their lives with just a few clicks

- Paul David, Brand, Sales & Marketing Manager at Eggo Kitchen House


When developing their website re-launch, the family company Schüller took the chance of adopting new digital technologies and opted for our Configurator. We delivered four highly individualistic kitchen solutions, where customers can explore the wide range of colors, materials and style. A fast, easy and attractive way to present such a comprehensive product catalog.

Great sales tool! We enable our customers to get inspired and design their ideal kitchen without having any professional skills

- Markus Schüller, CEO Sales / Marketing at Schüller

Contact Info / Support

  • C/ Girona, 6 - 08700 Igualada (Barcelona) Spain

  • info@thekitchenbrowser.com

  • support@thekitchenbrowser.com